October 3, 2009
  1. Will the movie be downloadable for free? Will it be possible to request a DVD copy?
    Yes, everyone can download the movie completely for free from the Movie section. Hive Division cannot provide or send a physical copy of the DVD but we’ll soon make available an .iso that you can download and print.
  2. When will Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy – Parts 2 and 3 be released? Are you already working on them?
    We still haven’t started the production of the two sequels and we actually don’t know when we will realize them. The future of our fan-saga depends on several factors: the future of Hive Division as production studio (we are looking for financial partners worldwide to found the production studio and begin to work), the response of the fans and the reaction of Konami and Kojima Productions to our movie.
  3. Why don’t you get in touch with Konami and Kojima Productions?
    We sent the movie to Kojima Productions, presenting them our project. We’re hoping for their reply!
  4. How does the story of the movie match the original videogame plot?
    The story of the movie is an alternative history to MGS2, and it can be placed after the first episode and before the fourth one.
  5. Is this a low-budget movie?
    No, it is a no-budget one. We’ve had no external founding at all, up to now.
  6. How much did this production cost?
    We’ve spent 10.000€ in 5 years of work, mainly for technical equipment and shootings.
  7. Which are the main locations and settings of the movie?
    Our favourite settings are in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, two interesting regions that mix together mountain landscapes and post-industrial areas. Many scenes have been shot in a blue screen studio, so to add a digital scenario.
  8. Which was your equipment during the shootings?
    Two camcorders Panasonic (DVX100BE and HVX200E), directional microphone, professional tripod, a home made dolly, a crane, and cheap flycam.
  9. What have been the most difficult things to manage?
    The main problems regarded coordinating and organizing an effective and feasible working schedule as this is not the main occupation of any of the team members.
  10. Did you have difficulties in finding the actors? Why the director is also playing a role?
    Finding actors proved to be quite difficult. The director has also taken the role of Snake as we couldn’t find anybody else who knew the character as much as he does, who looked alike enough and was willing to put enough effort. He would prefer to be the director only, for sure.
  11. Who is your target?
    Hideo Kojima.
  12. What do you mean by “Old Project” and by “New Project”?
    The “Old Project” is the original one, conceived in 2002 and developed up to 2004. Starting from that year major changes took place concerning the movie itself and the team, and it’s more appropriate to refer to a brand new project.
  13. How did you get that superb soundtrack?
    All the music in Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy (New Project) are original and mainly written and composed by Daniel James and Hybrid Two.
  14. Is there a chance that Konami could be against your project?
    Not really. Konami should have no interest in stopping a non-profit activity that can create more interest about their brand. Many people got into MGS thanks to Philanthropy. For sure our project won’t make them richer but it shouldn’t annoy them either. Furthermore Kojima himself worked on independent movies in his youth and we think that he will understand very well our intentions.
  15. Are there any professionals from the movie industry in your team?
    Not, we are all young guys and girls at our first experience.
  16. Why are you doing all of this without a retribution?
    We want to learn how to make cinema. And we are very passionate about it.
  17. How many people does the team comprise?
    The team is made of more than 40 people. The number grows continuously so it’s not easy to have an exact exteem. The core of the team comprises some 15 people.
  18. How do you coordinate the team and work together over distance?
    We have a very busy mailing list for day-by-day activities. Once every four months we organize 3-day meetings during which we discuss the most important issues and allow us to maintain friendship and a decent rate of alcohol in our blood.
  19. Are Italians only taking part in the project?
    No, there are also some international dubbers and musicians. Apart from this we had collaboration offers from abroad but multi-language coordination is a major difficulty that we can’t always cope with especially when extremely technical aspects are discussed.
  20. Are you all Metal Gear Solid fans?
    Not really, but we all know it.
  21. How much time do you spend on the project everyday?
    It depends. Some of us have spent one hour a week, some others their entire time.
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